IAAP - The Vision and Work over Many Decades to Create “One Family under God.” 

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IAAP Associated Organizations

HJ Academic Foundation - Republic of Korea

HJ Academic Foundation

Republic of Korea

PWPA International - New York

PWPA International

New York

HJIFUS - Washington D. C.


Washington D. C.

ICUS - Washington D.C.


Washington D.C.

    • Sunhak Institute of History

      Sunhak Institute of History

      Perserving the History of the CIG for the Future Generations
    • SunHak Peace Prize

      SunHak Peace Prize

      The Sunhak Peace Prize pursues the creation of peace for the future generations of the global community.
    • Sun Moon University

      Sun Moon University

      World cradle where students, faculty, and staff members are nurturing a true leader, a true teacher and true parents with true love, chastity and true family practice
    • SunHak UP Graduate School

      SunHak UP Graduate School

      Cradle of education for CIG leaders with spirituality and intellect

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